Diets do not work. What I strongly recommend is a lifestye change program. I teach a scientifically designed complete program which will improve Wellbeing, Long Term Health and  Weight Management.

My program will change how you feel, think and look in a month guaranteed. It will take you safely into “medical ketosis’ which is taking your body back to being a “Fat-Burner” instead of being a “Fat-Storer”. This goes on even when you are sleeping.

It is a balanced approach to Weight Management designed for long term health and wellbeing. It is a program with the right ‘tools’, a simple day by day, step by step support system which easily fits into any busy lifestyle.

Within a month you will  improve health, regain new energy and fitness, being more positive with new beliefs and actions.


Bill is a personal friend who turned 77 this year & completed Sydney City2 Surf! Well done Bill!

Bill had to “come to terms with his obesity” as he puts it. Being over 6 foot & weighing 139 kilos, he knew he had to change the way he lived incorporating the 3 essential elements ie.  a Balanced Diet, Cellular Nutrition & Exercise. These 3 work in synergy.