Cellular Nutrition is the proactive way of supplying your body with all  the nutrients it needs but at high ‘antioxidant’ levels.  It is  letting your own body do its work which it had been programed to do in the first place. This will stop ‘Oxidative Stress’ caused by free radicals.  Antioxidants work together in synergy. This is most crucial, hence the need for a balanced, naturally sourced product is vital. Please refer to graph.


The extra peaks are the phytonutrients which are essential in our body’s defence against free radical attack.  This is because our body does not recognize anything unnatural or synthetic. A well prepared supplement also contains the live enzymes essential to our health and wellbeing.

Doctors often tell their patients “You can get all the necessary nutrients by eating healthy”  that is eating all the right foods.  But let’s face it how many of us eat the “right foods”  all the time? And also at the right high ‘antioxidant’ levels which the body needs?

Coupled with the stress of modern living, the pollution factor, the highly processed foods (junk), lack of exercise, unhealthy habits like smoking etc.  Our generation today do not stand a chance hence we see the rise in obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, auto- immune disorders etc.

Using cellular nutrition, you can effectively protect your body and even correct any chronic degenerative conditions which may already be present. It is ‘anti-ageing’ to begin with.

Simply getting “back to basics” and assisting your body to repair/replace itself; just as how its been programmed to do in the first place naturally. Hence my business name ABC Wellbeing.  I can recommend a program tailored to your needs.

Every cell in is replaced by new cells. This process continues throughout your whole life. Refer to the chart below.





Meet Rita a 66 year old lady with Type II Diabetes  who is unable to control her blood sugar with just medications. Her doctor had wanted to put her on Insulin. The thought of injecting herself so terrified her. It was at this stage that she came to me for help. In 3 months using Cellular Nutrition, Exercise & Diet, her blood readings (sugar/lipids) had returned to normal range.





I am Colin George. I have been diagnosed as a Diabetic 8 years ago and unfortunately picked up the dreaded Meliodosis (Nightcliff Gardeners Disease) 4 years ago. However, Kim had already introduced me to ‘Cellular Nutrition” in 2006 to help with my Diabetes. Thanks to that, I am still alive here today.

I had a concerned phone call from my GP doctor who had been contacted by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) at the Royal Darwin Hospital because of my high levels to the Meliodosis. The conversation goes as follows:

GP: Where are you? How are you feeling?

Me: Working and I’m fine. Why?

GP: You should be in the hospital because of your high levels. I thought you must be dying somewhere. You are an enigma.

Yes, I am an enigma alright, I had displayed no symptoms at all!! Thanks again to Cellular Nutrition and Kim helping me keep on track. It took 2 years for my Meliodosis levels to completely subside and my body system back to normal again.

No doubt about it I shall be continuing with my Cellular Nutrition and highly recommends it to everybody. It is the most effective and natural way to maintain health.

Kims Mum


Swee, my mother who passed away November 2013 at the age of 89, was a type 2 diabetic for many years. She was well controlled not on medication as she was on the Cellular Nutrition Program. However, she had to leave my sister’s home after an accident where she fractured her vertebrae and had to be cared for in a nursing home.

Cellular Nutrition, Healthy Eating and a Good Exercise Regime works synergistic-ally for overall optimal health.

Unfortunately, Swee had to forgo the healthy eating in the nursing home. Within two years she had to control her diabetes once again with medication.


Shane2 (Small)


My name is Shane, I have known Kim for many years & knew of her involvement with Nutrition & Amway but didn’t really believe that the supplements she said were better than the ones I took occasionally.
Over the years my Diabetes started playing up, I couldn’t get my blood sugars down & also was lacking in energy. So basically Kim wore me down &  I decided to give Nutriway Amway supplements a try. I have been taking them now for approximately 5 months & I must say my energy levels have gone up. I no longer take my ‘ nana naps’…it’s not needed. My sugar levels are gradually normalising.
Remarkable too is my hair has thickened & the colour is returning! I am very happy with the supplements. Before I took 7 different ones. I can honestly recommend the supplements I’m taking.